Emma Nelson

Emma Nelson

User Experience Engineer

Hi! I'm Emma.

Technophile, design junkie, hobbyist photographer, avid reader, world traveler, and so much more.

I am absolutely in love with technology, and I firmly believe that good design is an integral part of a solid product. With this belief in mind, I have directed my attention to usability, human-computer interaction, and front-end development. I am a software engineer at heart; however, so I understand the underlying implementation of a website or application is just as important as making the UI aesthetically pleasing.

Check out the other pages to find out more about who I am and what I do. I'm always searching for new opportunites and interesting people with whom to network, so please email me or contact me on any of the social networks linked below.

Checkout My Resume

I'm currently looking for new full-time job opportunities, so take a look at my resume to see if I'm the one you're looking for at your company!

Current Projects

I'm currently the project manager and lead UX engineer for the redesign of RIT's Co-op Evaluation System. On the side, I'm still working on all the blog posts and photos from my trip to Europe last year.

Contact Me

I love meeting new people, so please email me at eknelson17@gmail.com or message me on any of the social media or social coding sites in the footer.